How would it be to be Jane Gallagher?

How would it be to be Jane Gallagher?

Written by: Emelie

So, why did I want to write about this? I think that Jane is interesting because she seems to be the only person Holden really like except from his siblings. I wonder why? I thought that it would clarify Holden's carachter to know why he like Jane so much. That is why I choose to write this artifact, it is supposed to be an excerpt from Janes book. In the excerpt you can read from Janes perspective and if you read the text carefully you can understand her personality better. Who does not want to know more about the girl that Holden think of all the time?

The excerpt:
It was a lovely day in July, the birds were singing and the air felt easy to breathe. Mom and I walked on the road to the cafeteria. Mom was wearing this wonderful dress, it looked so beautiful on her. It was tight around the waist and the skirt was knee long with small flowers on, she looked so pretty in it. That was the way I wanted to look when I was older. I noticed a little ladybug who sat on a leaf near the road. It reminded me of this poem I often read when I was younger. It was about a little ladybug who was afraid of flying. She sat at a flower day after day and watched her siblings flying away one by one, but so one day she also flew away. I really liked that poem but I could not remember the name of it.

Yesterday mom and I played golf together, we had a great time, sure. I won over mom even though she has played much more than I. Our dog, Brandy was with us too. Brandy is such a nice dog. I love him so much, he has always been very mischievous, ever since he was a puppy. If he finds something interesting he just ignores everything else, he is like in a world of his own.

I spied a beautiful butterfly next to me. It was big and yellow. I only watched it for a couple of seconds before it flew away again. I started to think about yesterday: I was kind of mad, why did mom always treat me like a child? It was exactly like when they told me about the divorce, they were so nice to me the whole day. They gave me ice cream and bought me presents even though it was not my birthday, just to tell me that from now on I would not live with dad anymore. I was going to live with mom. Just because they had considered that it was better for them to go separate ways. That rattled my cage, and yesterday it kind of happened again. It was then mom told me that she had met a “new man” Mr Cudahl.

Mom looked at me and smiled, I smiled back, even though I was quite frosted from yesterday. It was not that I do not want her to be happy, I truly do. But at the same time we had fun together, just the two of us. I did not want to lose her like I had already lost dad. After the divorce I barely saw him anymore. He said that he would visit me and that we would keep contact even if we would not live together. But since then I had only got letters from him at Christmas and birthdays and we had met only maybe eight times in two years. Our relationship was almost nothing. We had never been close but I still missed him. He was my dad after all.

Mr Cudahl sat at a table in the middle of the cafeteria, exchanging huge smiles with mom. He was not as handsome as I had imagined, I mean, he was tall and he had nice teeth but he still looked a bit shabby in a way. He had those knee long shorts, they looked a bit odd. He smelled strange, like a mix of ordinary cigarettes, liquor and something else. Mom looked at me and smiled, I thought I would be nice for her sake. So I smiled nicely like a perfect daughter and curtsied.
“Hello young lady, it is a pleasure to finally meet you”, he said and kissed my hand.
“The pleasure is mine”; I replied, even though it was the corniest thing to say.
When I saw mom’s and Mr Cudahl’s: agreeing smiles to each other I sighed inside. Adults could be so phony.

I sat there and listened to them for maybe one hour: If they asked me something I answered in a nice way but I was like in my own world. I thought about the book I read at the moment, if it had been up to me I would have laid down in our garden and read the whole day. It was a very exciting book actually, it was swell. It was about this girl whose parents want her to marry this rich businessman, but she does not want to live that structured and normal life. So she runs away and starts a new life. I also want to do something exciting with my life, not just be someone's wife.

“So I heard you dance ballet?” Mr Cudahl said.
“Oh yes I do”; I replied and smiled. When someone talks to me about ballet I flips, it makes me so excited.
“So how long have you been doing that?” he asked and looked at me.
“Maybe four years, it's so fun! At least when I succeed with the steps, I love doing shows, especially when we dance together in groups.”; I said. I thought of how lovely it felt to dance, the next show would be in a few weeks, it jazzed me to think about it. He did not say anything more to me and mom went to the toilet. I did not really mind being alone with him for a couple of minutes. I thought he was going to act like a normal adult and start to ask me questions in a silly way. But instead he just sat there and smiled while he looked at me. At first I smiled back but then it started to feel kind of creepy so I stopped. But he continued, we sat like that for a while, it felt like an eternity but it was probably just some seconds. Then I couldn't take it anymore so I said:

“Do you like any sports?”; but before he answered mom came back and he started to act normal again, which was a relief even though it still felt kind of strange.

My question to you is:
Why do you think Holden likes Jane so much?


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